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How can arbn consult help you?

arbn consult is our commercial EPC based energy report. Taking the data file behind any commercial EPC, we can generate a fully costed improvement report, detailing carbon, cost and energy savings potential and impact on the resulting energy rating.

It is perfect for preliminary scoping of energy performance contracts, and for managing planned investment on a portfolio. We’re delighted to announce that we are working in partnership with Stroma! As a leading organisation in energy performance, building control and software sectors we believe this will be a great collaboration and offering a 10% discount on arbn consult.

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Key Features

MEES Risk Management

arbn consult has the ability to re-run historical SBEM EPC models through the latest version of SBEM to identify changes in EPC rating and alerts a potential transition to 'MEES At Risk.

Scale Up and Improve Your Business Offering

Using arbn consult you can deliver personalised professional looking fully costed MEES and Section 63 reports in minutes.

Easier reporting

Generate bespoke, professional and user-friendly investment grade/MEES and Section 63 reports in minutes. Export to word or PDF giving the ability to white label and enhance your current reporting process - it couldn't be more simple.

Payment model

No licence fee here - just pay as you go, we charge a one off fee for 12 months access to unlimited model simulations. We realise that you need flexibility and to keep your margins so what are you waiting for? If you need to make a change to an EPC Energy Model, no problem, as long as it’s the same UPRN on the EPC feel free to re-run that model as many time as you like within your 12 month upload period.

Increase your revenues

Upload yours or your customers' INP files from any EPC database to arbn consult to identify at scale which EPC ratings have dropped to at 'MEES Risk’ when run through the latest version of SBEM. Report back to your client on new ‘MEES At Risk’ buildings statistics - run these through arbn consult to generate fully costed retrofit reports for your clients.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

If your clients are looking to transact on a building for either acquisition or disposal let arbn consult tell you the potential risk that MEES will have on the value of the building. Our software solution identifies retrofit measures and costs for repositioning a building’s EPC rating out of MEES risk – helping you to help your clients identify and mitigate MEES risk and negotiate on asking price.

Key Features

ESOS Reporting

 The platform can now accept the actual energy consumption of a building or a group of properties, and use this information to enhance the saving measures calculated for the company. Each improvement measure is scaled in proportion to the actual consumption for the building, making a much more accurate and realistic assessment of energy saving opportunities.
The platform then generates a template for an ESOS Assessor to use to report on the company, already populated with the reference year of energy data, saving measures for the organization, and detailed saving measures at each relevant property.

Section 63

Section 63 has been incorporated into arbn consult as a stand-alone report, from an uploaded section 63 advisors INP file which will highlight prescriptive measures and possible means of meeting both energy and carbon dioxide targets required by the legislation. This indicative costing and comparison of strategies will match the asset energy reports already produced by arbnco for commercial buildings to meet MEES in England and Wales.

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