ASHRAE 2018 Conference

Parag, our Lead Building Physicist, attended the annual Winter meeting of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in Chicago on January 20th-24th.

Apart from attending the regular technical sessions, he participated in the Technical Committee on Climatic Information. This committee is responsible for maintaining the climatic information section of the industry standards and references published by ASHRAE, such as their Handbook of Fundamentals and energy Standards (e.g., 90.1) and guides (e.g., Advanced Energy Design Guides). During these meetings, he was elected chair of the program subcommittee of this technical committee. His new responsibilities include managing the educational activities of this Technical Committee for the benefit of the wider membership of ASHRAE. Parag also joined the Technical Committee on Energy Calculations as a provisional member.

This work ties in with Parag’s doctoral and subsequent research on the use of climatic information for building simulation, especially the calculation of climate-derived risk in building performance. At arbnco, we are able to offer bespoke consulting for clients who are concerned with the impacts of climate change and urbanisation on their buildings. In conjunction with other arbnco products for creating high-quality energy models and measuring indoor environmental conditions, we can help clients plan for the projected effects of climate change and events like heat waves. At arbnco we can help clients take advantage of the best-available information from a multitude of worldwide sources to prepare for healthy, productive, and efficient future workspaces.

A few pictures from his time in Chicago…