ESOS reporting from arbnco


ESOS reporting

New from arbnco is the function to generate an ESOS report directly from your EPC data! The platform can now accept the actual energy consumption of a building or a group of properties, and use this information to enhance the saving measures calculated for the company. Each improvement measure is scaled in proportion to the actual consumption for the building, making a much more accurate and realistic assessment of energy saving opportunities.
The platform then generates a template for an ESOS Assessor to use to report on the company, already populated with the reference year of energy data, saving measures for the organization, and detailed saving measures at each relevant property.

Step 1 - Upload EPC data file

Acquire the data file behind the EPC for the property or properties that you require.

If the EPC has been lodged, any Non-Domestic Energy Assessor can extract the .xml file from the register.

If the EPC has not been lodged, you will need to contact the assessor for the .inp input file for the building.

Upload this file to arbn consult

Step 2 – Analyse the building

arbn consult will process the building and will then provide a range of improvement measures for the property, including the cost to implement, the energy that will be saved, and the carbon reduction that will result.

Step 3 – Input the annual energy consumption

By clicking on the ESOS button, you will now have the opportunity to type in the annual energy consumption data for the building.

You can enter each fuel type supplied to the property and the data can be provided monthly, quarterly or annually, starting from any date to match the required ESOS reference year.

Step 4 – Generate the ESOS Report

You can now generate the ESOS Report for this building.

This will include:
-The annual energy data, collated as a reference year as required for ESOS.
-A list of significant improvement opportunities for the building, showing costs, savings and return on investment.
-A breakdown of the energy by use within the building.

The report can be downloaded in Word format for you to add the remaining content for ESOS or amend as necessary.

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