Government announces new Smart Export Guarantee proposal

As part of the Industrial Strategy and following the withdrawal of export and feed-in tariffs, the Government has announced the Smart Export Guarantee proposal which aims to unlock a smarter energy system.

In order to allow the UK to have a cleaner and more affordable energy system, the proposal aims to protect consumers while also ensuring payments for households and businesses with solar in use. By protecting consumers from unfair costs, as so in the current system, the new proposal sets to guarantee payments to small-scale renewable electricity providers for excess electricity supplied to the grid. Overall, Smart Export Guarantee will aim to create a smarter energy system for the future and will widen innovative opportunities e.g. exploring home energy storage.

The Smart Export Guarantee will become part of the Clean Growth Strategy as the Government puts clean energy at the top of its priorities. The proposals announced yesterday (8th January 2019), in addition to smart innovative technologies, have the potential to work together with electric vehicle and standalone batteries to store and sell electricity to the grid when demand is high, therefore, reducing consumer costs.

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There now couldn’t be a better time to start deploying renewables, particularly solar PV, following the announcement of this proposal.