arbn energy

Bringing leading research into building energy modelling to help building owners assess energy use.


Predicting better energy use in buildings

arbn energy aims to deliver better prediction of energy use in existing buildings and with these models, building owners and operators can make informed decisions on the best way to increase energy efficiency in their buildings.

As part of our vision to close the performance gap and revolutionise building performance, arbn energy is designed to integrate with 3 platforms, arbn estates, arbn well and arbn consult. For the first time, technology is being harnessed to optimise all aspects of building improvements.

How will arbn energy benefit the building owner?

Optimal building energy performance.

Enhanced environmental sustainability performance and reporting metrics.

Increased property value and yield.

How will arbn energy benefit the tenant?

Reduced building operating costs.

Enhanced health and wellbeing.

Lower carbon emissions and improved reported GHG performance.

Understand how to predict better energy use in existing buildings

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Strathclyde

arbnco is in a KTP with the University of Strathclyde to integrate advanced building energy modelling techniques into their offering. arbn energy will leverage existing building information from conventional sources along with metered data to train dynamic simulation energy models.


What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are projects part funded by Innovate UK that bring cutting edge research into the commercial sector. They have been contributing to innovations in the UK economy for over 40 years.

There are three partners:

  • The knowledge base (usually a university)
  • The company partner
  • The KTP associate

The KTP associate is employed to bring research from the knowledge base into the company, with all three entities sharing knowledge on best practice, leading research and optimising project work flows.