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Centralising portfolio wide Commercial Real Estate data sets for continuous monitoring.


Our Dashboard Solution

There are many stakeholders involved in the management of Commercial Real Estate. Making decisions on energy efficiency improvements requires the right people with the right information.

Designed for Commercial Real Estate investors and subsequent stakeholders, arbn estates provides a singular source for managing energy performance and MEES compliance across large and diverse property portfolios. It centralises large data sets for continuous monitoring and delivers bespoke retrofit strategies to ensure that your asset values are protected.

New Feature - ESOS Reporting tool

New from arbnco is the function to generate an ESOS report directly from your EPC data! The platform can now accept the actual energy consumption of a building or a group of properties, and use this information to enhance the saving measures calculated for the company. Each improvement measure is scaled in proportion to the actual consumption for the building, making a much more accurate and realistic assessment of energy saving opportunities.

How it helps you

Managing MEES risk and connect to your energy consultants

Our software delivers a real time interface showing the current MEES status of your buildings at portfolio level. Filter options enable information to be segmented to instantly generate bespoke MEES risk reporting from asset / property manager to tenant type and more. With the ability to link seamlessly to your energy assessors / consultants that utilise arbn consult keep a live feed on where your portfolio sits for MEES compliance.

Visual Dashboard & Reporting

View your entire portfolio at a glance, increase transparency and efficiently target energy performance improvements and manage MEES risk. Customisable charts provide the ability to gain rapid insight enabling you to create and export bespoke reports on assets' energy performance and MEES risk across entire portfolios.

Centralising Data

A central repository of all your EPC data and supporting documents across your entire portfolio with the functionality to filter down to individual property level detailing the address, total usable floor area, activity type and EPC rating. In addition to this, is a summary of all building zones designated within the energy model, their associated lighting, heating systems and areas.

Asset Energy Reports (AER)

Generated in minutes by the arbn consult simulation engine the AER will tell you / your property managers what retrofit measures to implement to improve the EPC rating and lift your building out of MEES risk. The report also includes the cost of implementing these measures including a discounted payback period and demonstrates the ability of each measure to achieve MEES 7 year payback rules.

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