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Monitoring indoor air quality for health and productivity


We’re creating a new way to assess and enhance health and wellbeing in buildings. After all, healthier, happier employees are what every business wants.

But the science of health and wellbeing can be extremely difficult to measure and act on. So we work with you to conduct surveys and feasibility studies that give real insight. We then use these results to propose courses of action that will help improve your buildings. We know that specialist-led approaches can be costly, so our algorithms identify potential trouble spots before tenant complaints and serious occupational-health issues arise.

How it helps you

Healthier buildings mean healthier employees

We can help you reduce indoor pollutants, encourage activity and social interaction, maximise natural light, increase views of the outside and incorporate greenery. All of which have a positive effect on people and on your bottom line.

Forewarned is forearmed

Identify and investigate potential trouble spots before the loss of productivity and wellbeing cause issues with tenants

Making complex information simple to understand

Navigate the complexity of wellbeing-led renovations and design interventions, with estimates of cost and energy impacts where relevant.

Keep up-to-date with compliance

If you wish to certify your building to meet the Well® standard, or any of the wellbeing-related aspects of other standards, we can guide you from feasibility studies to implementation.

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