The A B C of Energy Management in Commercial Property

We attended this year’s Smart Buildings Show where Stephen Preece presented on the A B C of Energy Management in Commercial Property.

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The presentation included the following:

  • Asset
    • The efficiency of the building fabric and equipment installed – how retrofit measures can be implemented to improve an EPC rating. Using real examples taken from our clients who have installed LED lighting, new HVAC equipment and insulation to improve their buildings’ lifecycle.
  • Behaviour
    • How the occupiers actually use the building, and how connected devices and sensor technology are monitoring aspects of the indoor working environment in order to provide healthy workplaces.
  • Create
    • Onsite energy generation – how organisations can realise the benefits of deploying a range of onsite renewable energy generation technologies. How to gain the maximum benefit in both carbon and cost.

The overall aim of the presentation was to provide a first glance at the research statistics on number of buildings whose EPC ratings have improved by looking at retrofit solutions and examples on how the improvements were made.

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