Section 63 Event

On 22nd February we hosted an event at Construction Scotland Innovation Centre where we launched our Section 63 addition to our arbn consult platform.

Download the content from the event here:

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The event covered the following:

  • Climate Change Scotland Act 2009
  • The Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016 – Section 63
  • Buildings/Assets affected by Section 63 Regulations
    • Analysis of Scottish Building Stock
  • Actions Required under the Regulations
  • 7 Prescriptive Measures
  • Alternative Improvement Measures
  • Challenges
    • Access
    • Centralised Plant
  • Display Energy Certificate or Operation Route
  • Methodology
  • Section 63 Action Plan
  • Non-compliance Penalties

We then had a panel (Stephen Preece, Business Development Director at arbnco, Andrew Maw, Business Development Manager at arbnco and Mark O’Neill, Head of Energy Services at DM Hall) who were answering questions from the audience.

The purpose of our event was to launch our Section 63 integration. Our arbn consult software expedites the process of generating transparent, fully costed risk and compliance mitigation strategies. It simultaneously updates the outputs from both the contemporary and redundant versions of SBEM and produces a Scottish Asset Energy Report (SAER) which identifies legislatively relevant improvements.

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