SimAUD 2018

On 4th – 7th June we were in Delft, the Netherlands at the 9th annual Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) conference.

The conference brings together the brightest researchers and practitioners in the fields of architecture, urban design, urban planning, building science, visualization and simulation. SimAUD 2018 offered attendees to understand more about innovative simulation methods and techniques, in addition to discussing their roles in bridging disciplinary gaps in urban planning, architecture, engineering, construction and management.

During the conference, Parag hosted a workshop on “uncertainty in simulation” which focused on modern techniques to account for uncertainty about inputs to simulation, this included uncertainties such as future weather or occupancy.

He also participated in an expert panel on “the centrality of the user in simulation”. Parag presented arbnco’s latest research in human-centric measurements and simulation, helping move building management away from energy compliance towards real-time, user-centric monitoring of indoor environment quality. The panel had presentations from experts on thermal and visual comfort and included experts on performance-driven design and the health impacts of daylight.

A couple of photos of Parag’s workshop and presentation….